Contura new functions

Raise your gaze

Timeless Scandinavian elegance to thrill and amaze. The Contura i61 is ideal for both contemporary and traditional interiors. The design is based on our popular i50 range, but has been updated to give it a sleeker, more compact format. The Contura i61 was designed in association with the Myra design agency.

Contura i61
Contura new functions

A heat source for any interior. And every personality.

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design. But above all, added features for easier fire lighting and tending. An autostarter for fast fire-lighting, a booster to revive embers, and a silently sliding ash pan are just some of the new features to add to the pleasure of a real fire.

Contura 800 Style
Contura new functions

500 Style with new functions

The popular stoves in the Contura 500 Style range now includes smart features. Autostart for fast lighting, a boost function to bring embers back to life and a quiet-slide ash pan are just some of the new features that make moments in front of the fire even cosier.

Popular stove with smart features
Contura 810L

A large stove in compact form

Contura 800 has taken its inspiration from the famous superellipse. The shape makes this stove compact and attractive, making it very easy to position, even in small spaces. The Contura 810L is available in black and can be topped with Soapstone.

Contura 810L
Contura 101

Design and performance go hand in hand

The Contura 101 pellet stove has an impressive heat output and makes an eye-catching feature in your home. The elegant and generous glass door lets you gaze at the beautiful fire heating your home efficiently and cost-effectively. Choose either a black or white stove. Available in France

Contura 101 pellet stove
Contura Radiance

Electric fires

The breathtaking Radiance electric fire series combines striking aesthetics and cutting edge technology, letting you instantly transform any interior. Available in Sweden and Germany.

Contura Radiance
Contura 690GA Style

New design and new functions

The stoves in the Contura 600 Style series have become more attractive all round: they heat better and have both improved and new features. But most of all they have been redesigned, have new surrounds, doors and colours. As we all know, beauty comes from within, but it is also seen from the outside.

Contura 600 Style
Contura 310 white

Cubic comfort

Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300 stove and i7 cassette. You’ll discover almost endless variations for building the stove or cassette exactly as you want it. What's more, there's space for logs that are half a metre long. We call it cubic comfort.

Contura 300 and i7
Contura 569G Style, white

Popular stoves have been updated

The Swedish stove manufacturer Contura is upgrading several popular models with new colours and a wider slection of surrounds. The new models are: i51 white, 510G Style white, 520S, 596G Style white, 710, 720T and 870.

New stoves and inserts 2016
Contura i51 in black steel

Shows a lot of the fire

Contura now introduces a new insert that displays the fire in three directions through the large glass sidelights. Contura i51 has a modern design for modern houses, is easy to position, heat efficient and is available with a log box.

Contura i51
Contura 556 glass in white

The Contura 500 series has become even more stylish

Contura's 500 series is the world's most popular stove. This year, all classic series models are a little more stylish. The series gets a cleaner look, new cast iron door with large glass area, door stop in the open position, longer handles that do not get hot and large sidelights.

Contura 500-series become Style
It is easy to choose the stove that is best for you

It is easy to choose the stove that is best for you

Choose your own personal stove with attention to detail using the Contura App and our new video! Download the movie and use it on your web or in your store.

Choose a stove from Contura

Popular favourite with a stylish new suit

With its high quality, classic looks and CO2 neutral burning, Contura's 500 series has been a favourite in Sweden for many years. Now its successor has arrived, the Contura 500 Style

Contura 500 Style

The Contura 35 family are stylish friends

Contura has two new stove models in the 35 family; Contura 35 white and Contura 35 low. With innovative Swedish design framed by stylish steel, a glass or cast iron door and glass top, the new stoves fit into many different environments.

Contura 35 Low

Exclusive design with excellent heat production

Contura 35 is a new sibling of the Red dot design Award-winning Contura 35T. With a white steel surround, glass or cast iron door and glass top, it is an exclusive design that suits a number of environments

Contura 35 High White
Fireplace Contura i31 and i41

Contura i31 and i41: Fireplace with the feeling of an open fire

With the new i31 and i41 from Contura you can have both an exclusive fireplace in stone and an energy saving heat source in one. You can choose whether you want a straight or angled door, and which of the bodies in sandstone, soapstone or Contura artstone works best in your home.

Contura i31 and i41
Premodul Chimney

Premodul chimney system

Premodul is manufactured in Markaryd. it is suitable for all stoves and fireplaces, it's CE marked and tested by Technical Research. For your safety, we leave a 25 year warranty. New: chimney with air inlet

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